Our Committees

Our organization is member-driven and we need members to serve on committees or perform miscellaneous tasks and jobs for us. Tell us if you are interested!

Program and Education Committee (PEC). Plan and create programs. Liaise with schools and others for tours and educational opportunities. Respond to research requests. Research and write articles. Create displays. Work with the Library to process collections. Orient volunteers. Produce ALC-TV cable show.

Publicity, Marketing and Communications Committee (PMC). The public face of our organization. Newsletters and emails for public (monthly or as needed). Design and creation of all print materials. Promoting programs, events, services. Maintaining website. Social media presence. Press and electronic media relations. Advertising.

Membership Committee (MC). Keep in touch with members: appreciation and recognition. Recruit new members. Plan and work at fundraising events.

Building and Operations Committee (BOC). Manage the buildings – construction, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, room bookings and rentals. Working with City of Avon Lake.