Where We Came From

Lakeshore Women’s Club
The first and longest-serving organization in what is now Avon Lake began as the Lake Shore Union Society. Their first meeting was held on August 7, 1870 in Avon Lake, Ohio. On June 14, 1957 the club reorganized under the Ohio General Federation of Women’s Club and became the Lake Shore Women’s Club. The object of the Society was to be a social and cultural organization for the improvement of members and the raising of funds to be appropriated as the Society deemed proper. The organization supported education from the beginning, and awarded scholarships annually. The final meeting was held August 7, 2015 and all remaining members, as well as their assets and legacy, joined the Avon Lake Historical Society.

Avon Lake Sesquecentennial Proclamation

Avon Lake Historical Society
Formed in 1969, the Avon Lake Historical Society was organized to participate in our city’s sesquicentennial that year and to create a museum in time for the U. S. bicentennial. This later became the Peter Miller House Museum and it was restored and operated by a separate organization. The society continued to meet monthly at the Avon Lake Public Library, hosted educational programs and speakers, and raised funds and awareness for community projects. In 2011, ALHS published Images of America: Avon Lake in collaboration with the Avon Lake Public Library.

Avon Lake Landmark Preservation Society
ALLPS was formed in 2002 when the Folger Home (also known as Assembly Hall, Park Hall and Veterans Hall) was in poor condition slated for demolition by the City of Avon Lake. The group organized volunteers and fundraising activities such as the annual Taste Of Chili Cookoff to restore the home and make it useful for community purposes. In 2014, $150,000 was granted to ALLPS by the State to help complete restoration work and much should be completed by end of 2016.

Because we shared so many common goals, interests, members and ambitions, discussions between boards and membership of ALLPS and ALHS began in late 2014 about merging as a way to do more, together, better.

Thus was born Heritage Avon Lake, which became official on January 12, 2016.